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Sustainable Investing

Select the causes that are important to you. Our software takes care of the rest.

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Select causes

How It Works


Choose which causes matter:
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We algorithmically build an index of companies optimized for return, risk, and Socially-Selective or factor-tilt preferences.


Our software handles portfolio generation, reinvestment & rebalancing, optimized to any client's individual tax profile.

Modern Investing

Impact: Socially-Selective

One's core values can be an input for the portfolio construction engine that seeks best-of-breed companies while building a responsibly-diversified portfolio.

Factor-Tilt & Smart Beta

Customized risk-return profiles, such as price to book (valuation), return on equity (quality), etc., or for seeking 'minimum-volatility'.


“Tax alpha” seeking, including gain and loss harvesting tailored to individual tax profile, can add +1.0%-2.4% annually.

link: our 2017 marginal tax calculator

No-compromise investing, without compromising performance.

The objective is to provide consistent “tax alpha” with lower comparative risk than strategies that merely attempt to boost pre-tax performance. By algorithmically building and rebalancing each portfolio we can optimize for risk, return and individual preferences, while eliminating the performance drag that come from layers of fees & expenses.

Empowering High Performance Wealth Management


Impact Labs is a pioneer in the development of technology to enable high-performance wealth management.

Leading Edge Technology

Our software and APIs are built with a specific focus on tax optimization and the unique ability to integrate a wide range of social impact options into a single investment portfolio, optimized for diversification while seeking superior after-tax returns.

Superior After-Tax Results

Our software eliminates the traditional performance drag from fees, expenses & unnecessary turnover: we eliminate the middlemen so your clients keep more of their investment returns. For clients where taxes are constantly eroding returs, we add sophisticated 'tax-alpha' seeking overlays that can add +1.0%-2.4% annually.
    link: Know your tax rates; make better financial decisions:

Experienced Team

Our CEO, CTO, Product Strategist & Corporate Strategist each bring 20+ years of experience and they are complemented by our team of next-generation technology & design experts.
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Want to learn more?
Want to learn more?

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Empowering High Performance Wealth Management

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Modern Investing: Individually-Optimized, Socially-Selective + Tax Smart

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